Beer Pong

BEER PONG – The Greatest Beer Game EVER:

Beer Pong Game Description:

Beer Pong (aka Beirut) is a drinking game that has caught on like wild fire with college students in the US and abroad.

Beer Pong - You Sink It and They Drink It!

Beer Pong - You Sink and They Drink.

Beer Pong is usually played in pairs of two people with each team standing on either side of the beer pong table.  6-10 cups are on each side of the beer pong table and are shaped into a pyramid with the flat end of the pyramid in the middle of the end (and edge) of the table.

The players then attempt to bounce/toss ping pong balls into the cups on the opposite side of the table, which are filled up 30% with beer or some other form of booze.  If a player gets the ball into a cup of the opponent, the opponent drinks the cup and takes it off the table.

And on this process goes with both teams taking turns for their shots. Whichever team clears the other cups first wins, and the losing side splits drinking the winning team’s cups that remain.

To kick off the game, both teams throw the ball at the same time without looking, which gets repeated until one of the teams gets a ball in the others cup.  Whoever gets the ball in first gets the first shot. Whoever wins the first game gets the first shot on the second game.

Beer Pong Rules:

Elbow Rule: -Applies for all shots.  A player can’t cross the plane of the beer pong table.

Bounce Rule: If a player bounces the ball (as opposed to tossing it) and gets it in, the other team has to drink 2 cups – the one that the ball goes in as well as another from their pyramid.  Keep in mind however that a “bounced ball” can be swatted away by the opposing team, but the ball must hit the table first hence throwing the ball may be safer.  A tossed ball cannot be swatted.

Re-rack Rule: 2 times throughout the game each team (at their discretion) must re-shape their pyramid into a compact shape.  Naturally throughout the game the pyramid will get ruined, so they must be re-shaped so the other team has a chance.  This is called re-racking and is usually done with 6 cups and then 2 or 3 cups.  Also, the bottom cup must touch end of the table after the re-rack.  A team re-racks after their turn.

See re-rack diagram:

Beer Pong Rerack Diagram

Beer Pong Re-Rack Diagram

Rebuttal Rule: When a team loses all their cups, they still have a chance.  The team with no cups shoots until they miss.  If there are still cups on the other side when they miss, then they lose.  However, if they shoot until the other team also loses all of their cups then it goes into overtime!

Cup Pulling Rule: You should pull your cup as soon a the opponent gets a ball in it because if their team member gets their ball in that same cup it is game over for your team!

Rim Rule: If a ball is shot and hits the rim and swirls around one of your cups, you or your team member can blow or flick it out before it goes in.

Deflection Rule: A shot that is taken is considered live and cannot be defended if it is thrown (eg: not bounced).  However, if a ball is thrown and bounces off anything like the ceiling, a light fixture or even your head and makes it into your cup – you still have to drink, but you can also defend it from going in.

Overtime: If the Rebuttal Rule is in effect and the team eradicates all of their opponent’s cups, the game is in overtime.  Each side refills 3 cups and places (racks) them accordingly (see re-rack diagram) on the edge of the table.  The teams begin again following the same rule as above.  Keep in mind double over time etc. is in affect if a tie breaks again.

Beer Pong Tips:

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your beer pong experience more:

  • Don’t get cups that are too big unless you want to make it really easy for your opponent, not to mention you’ll run out of beer really quickly.
  • Don’t fill your cups up too full – 1/3 is sufficient.
  • Getting in fights over beer pong is NOT cool and you’ll regret it in the morning.
  • You can adjust rules to your own house rules accordingly, so don’t get bent out of shape if you hate one of the rules here or play it a bit of a different way.

Beer Pong Tables:

Having a good beer pong Beer Pong Table table is probably one of the most important factors in the game. You can buy a great quality beer pong table online very easily, such as one of these three top rated ones on Amazon:

1.)Pong360 Vixens 8ft Beer Pong Table

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3.)Beer Pong Table in Splatter Edition

Many people make a beer pong table at home or use a ping pong table, but a real beer pong table is much cooler and better to play on.  There are a variety of beer pong tables such as blow up floating tables, portable tables, hanging tables (hang from ceiling), store away tables and oversized jumbo tables for large parties.  A good quality, reliable beer pong table is a good investment if you love beer pong.  When looking for your beer pong table, make sure it suits your needs and budget and you’re Game on!!

Beer Pong Table Dimensions:

There are no set beer pong table dimensions, so just make sure you measure your space if it is tight and know the dimensions before buying.   A typical beer pong table has dimensions like the one shown here.

Typical Beer Pong Table Measurements

Beer Pong Table Dimensions

Beer Pong Tournaments:

There are lots of beer pong tournaments out there.  Almost every fraternity across the united states holds one at least once a year.  One of the biggest is the World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP), which is a massive event with a prize of $50,000.  It is held in Las Vegas and attracts Beer Pong pro’s from all over the world.

Girls can get discounts to enter the World Series of Beer Pong, which is pretty cool if you’re a female game lover. There are several satellite beer pong tournaments through out the US as well that can be viewed online.

World Series of Beer Pong Champions

World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP)

Beer Pong Online:

There are dozens? of beer pong games online, but none as rewarding and fun as playing the real game of beer pong, or in a beer pong tournament after all there is no real beer involved.  Many of the online beer pong games are totally free, but some require you to pay to play or download them.  Playing online may be a good way to learn Beer Pong Rules, but like I said it’s nothing like the real deal! Get your Beer Pong Table and equipment and get your Beer Pong on!

Beer Pong Girl - Inflatable Table

Beer Pong Table - Inflatable

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