Ever Tried Alaskan Beer?

Think all Alaska has to offer is snow, salmon and Sarah Palin?  Think again! Alaskan Brewing Co. has plenty to offer including a Winter Ale brewed with spruce tips!

Alaskan Brewing Co.

Alaskan Brewing Company

Alaskan Brewing Co. has been around since 1986 and was the first brewery to open in Juneau Alaska sine the prohibition….now that’s pretty cool.  The Brewery reflects the gold rush era’s beer and local flare.  You can check out their brewing history and style here:

Alaskan Brewing Co. History Clip

The remote location of the brewery is not the only special thing about the Award winning beer.  They use special local ingredients such as pure glacial water, spruce tips for their Winter Ale and smoked alder for their Alaskan Smoked Porter.  Alaskan Brewing Co. even makes a brew inspired by Alaska’s mining roots – Alaskan Barley Wine.  It was cellared in old mining shaft and tunnels which provide natural refrigeration and and perfect aging environment.

As the Brewers say themselves: There are some tastes that are timeless. That is why we offer Alaskan’s menu of beers that are available for every season every year, which offers a full range of styles and flavors, from malty to hoppy, from light to rich, and from floral to citrusy. Sometimes good things come to those who don’t wait. Cheers!  Hmm, sounds enticing indeed!

Alaskan Beer

Alaskan Winter Ale

Alaskan Beer Varieties

Alaskan Brewing Co. Varieties

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